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  • Creative Direction
The Client's Challenge

How can a brand identity system reinforce a sense of place, and embody a company’s dedication to creating modern products that are designed to last?
The Strategic Approach

In partnership with Box Garden Ventures, our team embarked on a journey to bring the company to life, working collaboratively with Shorebird’s founder. We identified the core brand attributes, created the name, and designed a flexible brand system: wordmark, logo, color palette, photography, copy, voice and tone.

The Creative Solution

The Shorebird Brand Identity System is rooted in an appreciation for and celebration of craft and nature. The wordmark is inspired by precision craftsmanship, balanced with an elegantly proportioned and approachable Shorebird that can be activated across mediums. We developed a fresh color palette embracing Sand, Water, Air, and the Sun, to create a soothing vibe.

The Business Impact

We’re excited to have launched Shorebird as our first company from Box Garden Ventures, and are accepting pre-orders now, with the first production chairs shipping ready for the summertime!

Precision + Craft

The letterforms of the wordmark are inspired by the CNC process used to create the chair’s frame.

Designing the Shorebird

Small changes make a big difference.
Proportion, Lineweight, Character, Gesture. Beak shape.
Everything is finely balanced to arrive at the ideal mark.

Shorebird Brand Color Palette

Inspired by our love of nature and the inherent beauty of the beach.
All colors were tuned to have a natural sun-kissed quality.
Neutrals complement a variety of copy treatments and activations.

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