The Fund

We partner and invest in business ventures.

We partner with innovative emerging companies, investing both creative and financial capital to bring big ideas to market. This allows us to work collaboratively to nurture and mature concepts into fully formed products, services, and brands.

We tailor our approach to help companies appropriately scale their business to the next level, toward achieving commercial and consumer success.


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Caraway Cookware
Spark Smart Grill
Away Luggage
Nebia Spa Shower head

The Lab

We create concepts to become new ventures.

We focus our creative expertise to accelerate the creation of new products, services, and brands.

These take flight in a number of different ways, through partnering with investors, researchers, digital designers, manufacturers, distributors, and communication experts.


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Fade Task Light, black
Cinch chair
Track Bike Rack
Span Smart Watch
Veil Modular Partition System