Box Garden Ventures

Box Clever created Box Garden Ventures to maximize our positive impact on the planet, leveraging our design superpowers with partners who understand the value of design. 

We co-design scalable mission-driven businesses to create positive human experiences.

We are entrepreneurial, investing creative capital and advising the growth of each company as a true partner to founding teams.

Our Companies

The fox Fold Logo Icon

Fox Fold

Reimagining hotel tissue and dispensing.

Reducing waste.

Lowering costs.

Global positive impact.

Launched February 2024

A man lounging in a a shorebird beach lounge chair with a book over his head.


A premium outdoor wellness company.

Better materials.

Better quality.

Better for the planet.

Launched February 2024


Launching soon.

2X Summer 2024

1X Fall 2024

1X Winter 2024

2X Spring 2025


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