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JUST Egg makes eggs from plants because they're better for the planet. They use less water, land, and CO2 than chicken eggs. But to put those delicious, sustainable, plant-based eggs in a plastic bottle? That was a problem. The product and the packaging didn’t align to their mission.

After a remarkable design journey of understanding human behavior, learning from JUST Egg about their brand, mission, and values, and after oodles of creative experimentation, we’re proud to present a design system brought to life on a more sustainable package, designed with and for the JUST Egg team.

On the non-linear journey we investigated glass, aluminum, and other sustainably promising materials. Ultimately a carton balances Brand, Design, Manufacturing, Customer Perceptions, Cost, and Performance - and we’re proud to share they utilize paper from trees grown in forests where responsible practices are used, and it can be recycled in most U.S. municipalities.

Sometimes the right design solution can seem complex, and sometimes it’s beautifully simple. We’re honored to be a strategic creative partner with JUST Egg, in supporting their mission to build a better, more sustainable global food system.

Material Science
Subject Matter Experts
Supply Chain
Design Variations
Shelf Life
Product Experience
Information Hierarchy


Custom Built Store
to simulate the buying experience 


Subject Matter Experts
interviewed to holistically inform design


Hours of Deep Brand Immersion
to understand, feel, and express the brand 


Months to Launch
the time it took to turn over every stone


Design Concepts
sketched, modeled, prototyped, evaluated

This is a three part design story, starting with one of the coolest, most daunting creative briefs we’ve ever received - Reimagine Everything.

We turned over every stone to understand holistically the opportunities and constraints. We conducted extensive material research, received a crash course on the JUST Egg supply chain, spoke to a broad range of subject matter experts, and really lived and breathed the brand.

After exploring a broad range of approaches we were collectively drawn to the way glass celebrated the JUST Egg product and presented a high quality, clean, and ownable aesthetic on shelf and in fridge. 

Through the many iterations obsessing about the feel in hand, the pouring experience, and working closely with manufacturing partners to realize the vision, we were ready for tooling.

Then at the 11th hour we learned glass couldn’t meet the shelf-life, scalability, operational efficiency, and cost targets to make JUST truly accessible in terms of price and quality. It was a pivotal moment.

We had fallen in love, and then out of love, with glass.

Following the decision to move away from glass came a bold reset by the JUST Egg leadership team, posing us a new two-part challenge to embrace:

How can we develop a design solution that meets our supply chain performance criteria, is scalable across our product portfolio, and can enables us to be price competitive? Once in hand, how can we attract and educate shoppers, all in a 10-second window when you have their attention?

With new constraints and clarity from prior learnings we needed to creatively understand shopping behaviors, thought processes, and reactions to product on-shelf. A combination of research methodologies were created to uncover the nuances of product packaging design, including ‘shadow shopping’ trips.

New designs were explored, mockups were created, and a life size store experience was built in our studio. Competitive products were purchased to stock the cold refrigerator shelves next to our looks-like mockups. Essentially, in a close to real-life environment, our design concepts went head to head with real eggs, competing for consumer’s purchasing intent. 

Through moderated shopping experiences, we studied reactions to the design concepts, revealing all design pillars that informed our final creative path forward.

Out of Store
Opportunities to engage physically & digitally
Spatial orientation
Experience Design
Graphic Design
Structural Design
Clip device swipe payment interaction
Clip device dip tap interaction

Derived from the mock store shopping experience sessions, we developed a foundation of core user-centered design elements, that guided the concepts for the new JUST Egg Design System.

Brand, Food Photography, Nutrition Callouts, Voice & Tone, and Color, are collectively and individually important to help attract, inform, and drive consumers to purchase.

After a new phase of focused concepting phases, we took 2 concepts into the store for customers to experience, that embodied the design elements - a new carton design and a modified label to the existing PET bottle. 

This insight-driven approach really allowed the JUST Egg team to feel confident in their decision to move forward with a carton.

It was time to ditch the old PET plastic bottle!

The JUST Egg design team then created the final design, incorporating our recommendations, doing a beautiful job of creating a design that feels confident, on brand, and that invites shoppers to put it in their basket.

Clip device swipe payment interaction
Clip device dip tap interaction
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