Fox Fold
Tissue System
  • Design & Business Strategy
  • Product Roadmap
  • Brand Identity System
  • Tissue Sizing 
  • Physical Design Language
  • Industrial Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Creative Direction
Our Partner’s Challenge

Fox Fold partnered with Box Clever, through Box Garden Ventures, to reimagine a product system that had fundamentally been the same for 100+ years. Together we created a new sheet-based toilet tissue dispenser system with the mission to have massive positive impact on the planet.
The Strategic Approach

We created a product system, not a singular product, and solved for Impact in terms of Design, Tissue Material, Tissue Format, Materiality, and Logistics.  

Developing the Wall Unit from the ground up allowed us to truly innovate and not be constrained by legacy and use the right material for the job. We reimagined the entire user experience in terms of Use by the hotel guest but also the Refill experience for the hotel facilities team.

The Creative Solution

Fox Fold products are designed to connect with hotel decor. 

We created a simple form that conceals the paper stack and showcases a customizable exterior panel system that can be specified to complement any space. The product is serviceable for easy replacement of exterior panels if a hotel remodels or when there is accidental damage.

The design has magnetic assisted elements that help secure the hinged lid when closed and stabilizes the cartridge when loading. 

The Business Impact

Designing the product system and the bamboo paper format in parallel enabled us to create an uncompromised experience. 

The Fox Fold offering holistically reduces cost and waste for hotels, while providing products that connect with their unique decor. Ultimately hotels will save money and increase their positive impact on the planet by switching to Fox Fold.

Tabletop Facial Tissue

Delivering premium 3-ply bamboo tissue, the tabletop unit delivers a decor-driven approach with a CMF strategy that offers hotels the ability to specify the colors and finishes to seamlessly fit into any environment.

The world’s first lift-assisted tissue system beautifully presents every tissue to the hotel guests, perfectly every time. No more digging for the last one! 

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