On-Demand Mobile EV Charging Experience
  • Design Strategy
  • Physical Design Language
  • Industrial Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity System
  • UI UX Web + App
The Client's Challenge

ZiGGY was created by EV Safe Charge to bring a delightful robotic mobile charging experience to every parking space, making EV charging easier and more accessible than ever.

Box Clever’s design work for EV Safe Charge helped bring this mission to life.

The Strategic Approach

When Box Clever first started on this design journey, what excited us the most was the systemic nature of the program, and the realization that we could help design how the future of EV charging will look.

ZiGGY moves beyond the traditional fixed location charging of today and will create a new array of possibilities for drivers, cities, and the charging-as-a-service model that EV Safe Charge is creating with ZiGGY.

ZiGGY front and back with information graphics on screen
The Creative Solution

With new experiences it's important to consider how to build trust and confidence among users, making sure to alleviate pain points and prevent moments of confusion. Together, teams from EV Safe Charge and Box Clever considered the levels of engagement with the ZiGGY experience and the critical moments where uncertainty or anxiety could be replaced with trust and confidence.

Holistic end-to-end experience

Collaborating with the EV Safe Charge team, we worked to understand, visualize, and iterate on a frictionless customer journey; this end-to-end design approach ensured that ZiGGY has become a holistic experience with personality, one that offers delightful and thoughtful moments.

ZiGGY is a Charger

ZiGGY is a Kiosk

ZiGGY is a Local Guide

ZiGGY is a Dynamic Billboard


Book ZiGGY

ZiGGY process, booking


ZiGGY Saves your Spot

ZiGGY process, parking



ZiGGY process, scanning



ZiGGY process, charging
Brand Identity

Box Clever’s industrial design for ZiGGY was created to accelerate its adoption - appearing approachable and unassuming without sacrificing functionality. Starting with technical specs from EV Safe Charge, we developed a 1:1 scale mockup to establish proportions, designing around constraints.

ZiGGY’s design combines pure, rounded geometric forms, the removal of any distracting elements, and the visual integration of technology (screens, sensors, cameras).

Creative Approach

Box Clever conceived ZiGGY’s physical color palette, darker in the lower half to convey its stability and white in the top half where the user interacts and views more of the product. This helps make it both approachable and visible for safety.

Box Clever developed ZiGGY’s digital Brand Color palette to be complementary to its physical design, continuing the use of black, grays, and white. We also chose an expressive hero brand color: “Energy Yellow,” a positive, energetic color that stands out in the EV charging space.

ZiGGY logo activation
ZiGGY brand color palette
ZiGGY parked next to a car
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