Essential Product Family
  • Physical Design Language
  • Industrial Design
  • Product & Context Photography
  • Creative Direction
The Client’s Challenge

Create an ownable Design Language for a brand new affordable Arlo product line, that takes Arlo design in a fresh modern direction.

Arlo recognized two macro factors creating a business imperative for the company: copycat designs at a lower price and shifting work habits of fully remote or hybrid - causing people to evaluate their comfort and safety as they spend more time at home.
The Strategic Approach

From the start, it was important this new product family looked unmistakably Arlo, so our team set out to identify the core (essential) elements of the Arlo design DNA. 

With a clear foundation, aligned with the Arlo senior leadership team, we explored how we might carefully evolve the design language to create an elevated entry level product line.

An ‘Essential’ Solution

The new silhouettes are all defined by introducing curvature continuous blends from the front and side views - instead of pure geometry from the original Arlo design language. 

We aimed to create a nuanced, craft-based attention to the forms and details so the Essential line evoked the core attributes of elegant, durable, and high quality.

Our deep collaboration with Arlo’s product and engineering team, resulted in simplified tooling, reduced manufacturing costs, and ultimately delivers an uncompromised competitive offering. 

We’re thrilled with the outcome and for the opportunity to create this level of product - ultimately allowing more homeowners to sleep better knowing they’re protected with a modern, reliable system.

Indoor. Outdoor. Uncompromised.

The Arlo Essential line is compact, modern, easy to install, and designed to blend in and withstand the elements. All touchpoints (power button, USB, stands or mounts) are considered so the products flawlessly deliver a set it and forget it customer experience. 

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