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Based in San Francisco, Box Clever has a close team of award-winning designers and thinkers all driven by the goal of creating the best—the most elegant, meaningful, functional—products, brands, and experiences possible. With varied education, professional experience, and personal backgrounds we share a passion for the complex process—and, sometimes, the sheer magic—of making things.
Box Clever is a design studio founded by Bret Recor and Seth Murray. Our mission: to create purposeful, expressive designs that embody big ideas and challenge convention.

The studio’s name is a reference from the boxing world: the strongest competitors rely as much on their wits as their brawn. As designers we take a similar approach, identifying and maximizing opportunities, responding to any challenges that arise with agility, and pulling no punches when it comes to execution.
Our work reflects a deep curiosity about new materials and manufacturing techniques paired with the desire to create honest, innovative, and iconic designs.
Industrial Design | Strategy | Experiences
Span is our vision for the modern timepiece, an elegant amalgam of analog and digital elements. Tasteful and intuitive, Span provides only the most crucial alerts and notifications on its curved OLED display—the watch is intended to be used in tandem with a smartphone, not act as its replacement. Made of polished stainless steel and sleek black ceramic, Span's interface is navigated with a jog dial on the bezel. Span's jump hour timekeeping operates on a quartz movement; the digital components can be recharged with a micro-USB charging port concealed in the back of the watch.
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A new mobile payment device that allows for both swipe and dip transactions, the Clip card reader has the potential to revolutionize mobile payments in emerging markets. Its bold design has become an empowering symbol of the freedom mobile payment can bring to merchants and consumers alike. We designed the Clip brand and reader in tandem, resulting in the iconic orange badge used across all Clip products and branded collateral.
Industrial Design | Strategy
Transitioning smoothly from dining table to work surface, the Segment Table addresses the duality of work and play in contemporary life. Its multi-part concrete surface creates both visual interest and an opportunity for cable management, and allows for a set of three versatile accessories to lock into its grooves. Each accessory performs a double function with the addition of matching top plates: the brass bowl transforms into a pen holder and tray, the low copper dish a pivoting monitor platform, and the long polished aluminum tray a dock for phone and tablet.
Industrial Design | Strategy | Experiences
The Logitech P710e is a bluetooth wireless speakerphone targeted to professionals seeking a simple, user-friendly way to host conference or video calls from anywhere, on just about any device. Its sliding top cover reveals an integrated stand that holds a smartphone or tablet at the optimal angle for hands-free video calls; taking advantage of the ubiquity of mobile devices with forward-facing cameras, this device enables easy teleconferencing. Its compact form, sliding top cover, and capacitive buttons make the P710e durable and easily transportable.
Industrial Design | Strategy
The Poise Collection for Council Inc. comprises a table, a bench, and a stool. The table's surface is made up of three wood and stone panels that hardly seem to touch, creating an impression of weightlessness and buoyancy. Each panel is softly contoured, inviting the touch of the hand and encouraging casual use. The Poise table converts to two sizes—the middle panel can be removed—and is equally at home in the dining room or the conference area. The bench, featuring the same silhouette of contoured wood, comes in two sizes that can be used with the table or independently, and the stool does double duty as seating or a side table. The smaller bench works perfectly alongside the stool, creating a seating area equal in length to the extended table.
Our goal is to develop meaningful, expressive designs that integrate technology and lifestyle. Each project begins and ends with our client-partners: listening, responding, and then executing on their needs and those of their customers. We create lasting partnerships with our clients and continuously identify new opportunities for them over the long term.
We approach projects holistically, referencing every aspect of a user's experience. By focusing on problems from the user's perspective, we are able to design effective and elegant solutions that create a lasting emotional connection between a brand and its users.
Design challenges technology
Technology inspires design
Design Challenge Technology
Our broad range of services lets us take a comprehensive approach to every project, from strategy and branding to product design, packaging, experiential environments and all things digital. We steward our clients’ projects from inspiration to innovative, market-ready product.
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