Photo: Jesse Recor
Photo: Jesse Recor
Card Reader
  • Design Strategy
  • Physical Design Language
  • Physical Brand Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Industrial Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Photography
  • Creative Direction
The Client's Challenge

Develop a highly differentiated payments hardware system that meets the evolving needs of small business owners, to grow with them as they prosper. Create a holistic physical design language that reflects the core attributes of the Intuit QuickBooks brand.
The Strategic Approach

The Box Clever team in close partnership with Intuit leadership and development partners, took a holistic customer research approach to small business-centered design, to identify key experiences and features they look for in a seamless payment journey.

A key unsolved challenge in existing mobile payments is the lack of clarity around communicating the status of the reader and payments in process. This insight led to the strategic decision to develop a product and user experience with an industry first visual display integrated in a slim elegant form, creating a simpler end-to-end payment experience for small business owners and their customers.

The Creative Solution

The pure round form is a 100% bespoke designed and engineered product. Mobile, pocketable, it has been created with a focus on bringing back clarity and etiquette to the transaction experience.

Simple and intuitive on the outside, complex and innovative on the inside. The form was crafted to be seamless, inviting, and fits naturally in the hand. The invisible magnetic attachment system on the rear creates a delightful experience when the Reader connects with the Power Stand.

The front face delivers a moment of magic, where the custom LED matrix beautifully appears through the custom blended translucent housing, to guide the customer & merchant through the ‘transaction dance’, including Tipping directly on the product.

The Business Impact

The Quickbooks Card Reader launched in May 2021 and accepts card payments by insert, tap, or digital wallet.

US-based small business owners can speed up in-person sales, accept payments on the go, and run their businesses with less hassle.

Working in tandem with the Quickbooks Mobile app, the Quickbooks Card Reader gives small businesses a powerful point-of-sale solution delightfully designed to seamlessly integrate software and hardware, expanding Intuit Quickbooks’ position as a partner to and source of truth for millions of small businesses.

Design Awards
Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader Badge Detail
Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader Detail
Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader Back View
Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader Side View
Custom LED font design
Custom LED font design
Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader Font
Custom LED font design
Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader Font
Industry first experience
Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader
Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader
Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader
QuickBooks Power Stand

Designed to perfectly fit the Quickbooks Card Reader, the Power Stand is a portable countertop payments hub to support business anywhere. It wirelessly charges the QuickBooks Card Reader and can also charge other devices like a phone or tablet via a USB-C port, so you never miss a sale.

Intuit QuickBooks Card Reader and Power Stand
Elevating Small Business

The Power Stand extends the Design Language of the QuickBooks Card Reader, with an understated, stable, and confident circular pillar, designed to elevate the experience and empower both Customers and Small Business owners.

The QuickBooks Power Stand is a modern product that is understandable and approachable, effortlessly balancing utility and function.

Executing on the vision was a huge part of the achievement by the team, with a top down zero-draft molding strategy. Seeing the design in real life is stunning, and sets it apart from everything else.

Huge attention to detail in every aspect of the design & user experience: the weight, the magnetic docking to the Reader, the reactive UI UX, the retention features to guide and support the Reader, the charging connections, all considered and finely tuned.

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