Tea Kettle
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  • Physical Design Language
  • Physical Brand Strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Creative Direction
The Client's Challenge

Caraway partnered with Box Clever to create a Centerpiece, a product with soul and clear purpose, one that you want to proudly display in your kitchen.

Intended as a beacon of the Caraway brand, this elevates the DNA established through the Cookware and Bakeware product lines to represent a maturing brand creating enduring classics.
The Strategic Approach

We created this product to have universal aesthetic fit through the combination of its form, finishes, and color palette, ultimately allowing this product to differentiate in a crowded category.

We set out on a mission to elevate an often discrete, normal, everyday kitchen product, exploring broadly while overcoming design & manufacturing challenges to arrive at a result that is truly balanced to fit into our lives seamlessly.

The Creative Solution

Experiencing the Caraway Tea Kettle is intentionally multi-layered and multi-sensory.

First, the beautiful silhouette is unique and ownable as Caraway. Second, all the touchpoints are rich and satisfying from the handle in your fingers, to the lid sealing snugly, to the feel of the spout trigger as you get ready to pour. Third, the pouring experience is a delightful surprise as the kettle and the water flow create a visually unified form. In essence, this kettle is designed to be a symbol of home when at rest.

The Business Impact

We’re extremely excited to share this labor of love representing our continued relationship with dear friends at Caraway.

This product is born from an exceptional commitment by many talented people who came together around a shared vision to not settle for the status quo, and to create a Centerpiece of distinction.

Caraway Tea Kettle top from above
Caraway Tea Kettle Colors
Designed to engage the senses

The kettle embraces all the senses, through form, function, and a gorgeous decor driven color palette that enables it to look great in any interior.

As a Centerpiece product, it aims to move people emotionally – to be drawn to it to want to learn more - and in doing so we believe it elevates owning and using a kettle into a premium and pleasurable experience.

Caraway Tea Kettle Detail – nozzle
Caraway Tea Kettle Detail – Lid
Caraway Tea Kettle Detail - lever
Caraway Tea Kettle Detail – bottom plate
Caraway Tea Kettle Detail – open nozzle
Caraway Kettle in hand
Caraway Kettle in hand
Present & Protect

The packaging is designed to present the product as a Hero unveiling experience, oriented to celebrate the kettle and smartly protected with a durable, clean interior packaging structure.

Caraway Tea Kettle Package
Caraway Tea Kettle Package
Caraway Tea Kettle in use
Caraway Tea Kettle in use
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