Prep and Cutting Board Sets
  • Product Strategy
  • Design Language
  • Industrial Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Product Photography
  • Creative Direction
The Client's Challenge

Develop a set of knives and utensils that extend the modern cooking ethos of the Caraway brand

By observing how people gather ingredients and utensils together to prepare meals for themselves and their loved ones, how can we make the food prep experience more enjoyable?
The Strategic Approach

We designed the knives, utensils, prep system, and cutting boards holistically, so 18 products look and feel as one

This decor driven set thoughtfully expands the Caraway design palette, introducing fit-for-purpose new materials and finishes, including wood and powder coated steel creating a calm aesthetic.

Designed intentionally to be stored, nested, and used together.

The Creative Solution

The knives and scissors are crafted for precision performance. They nest exquisitely in the block thanks to hidden magnets.

The utensils are all natural FSC certified wood, designed to feel balanced in hand and beautiful in the prep set block

The cutting boards are just what you need, with delightful hidden details to aid lifting and placing them on your counter.

The Business Impact

Launched late August 2023 this product line extends the Caraway Home brand beyond cooking pots and food storage, as a natural extension of offering an elevated Caraway kitchen experience

Designed and offered in a range of 6 modern colorways, this complete set delivers to the market a competitive and beautiful solution for people looking to up their kitchen prep game.

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